Course Information
"Anyone can learn how to intubate a patient, but learning how to make the critical decisions about why to intubate, when to intubate, and the best way to intubate a patient in a given situation, as well as evaluating whether the intubation is successful, are much more successful." - Anonymous
Course Objectives
At the end of this course, participants will be able to:
Perform an efficient, logical assessment of each patient’s airway and ventilation status.  
Accurately identify which patients need advanced airway management.  
Demonstrate critical-thinking skills in assessing the patient requiring emergency airway management.  
Assess a patient for signs of possible difficult airway situation.  
Demonstrate the ability to effectively and consistently manage the airway and ventilation of the patient, regardless of airway difficulty.  
Demonstrate effective ventilation of a patient utilizing a bag-valve-mask.  
Discuss the indications and contraindications for use of RSI and correctly demonstrate procedures for safely utilizing RSI.  
Perform actions necessary to maximize opportunities for “first-pass success” in an endotracheal intubation.  
Recognize when rescue airway techniques or devices are required salvage a failed airway.  
Discuss and demonstrate “best practices” in emergency airway management for special patient populations, including trauma, pediatric, bariatric and pregnant patients.  
This course is intended to replace the tradition means of recertification through a set number of intubations.  To use this course for recertification purposes, attendees must be:
Be certified as a Pierce County paramedic  
Be beyond his or her first certification period  
Complete a written declaration, either as an individual or an agency, indicating the intention to use this course to satisfy recertification requirements related to intubations *  
* Paramedics electing to use this course for recertification must take an initial course during the first year after recertifying and a refresher course each year during each of the remaining years of the 3-year certification period  
Course Tuition
Tuition for the course is $85 per student.
Tuition can be paid in person on the day of the course for individuals attending without agency sponsorship. 
If attending with agency sponsorship, your agency will be invoiced after the course.  For this reason, all attendees with agency sponsorship must receive pre-approval from their agency to attend this course.  Your agency administrator will be notified of your registration electronically and approval is managed through this website.
All checks should be made out to the host agency.  Please contact the host agency for more details.